For Annie

You stand, tightly grasping the arm of the brown plaid chair,
Chubby legs bending and bouncing…
As you gaze at me with those big blue eyes.

You smile, then giggle…
Arms stretch out…your plump hands reach for me.

I bend and pull you close.
Tight against my chest…
Smelling the sweet smell of baby powder
And feel your warm breath against my cheek.

When did you grow so tall?
Where did my tiny newborn go?
Whom I nourished in the depths of the night,
Warm cheek pressed against my breast,
Tiny fingers grasping my thumb,
Eyes closed, your body sweet and slack,
Cuddled in my arms.

You’ve grown so big, growing bigger every day.
Soon you’ll be a little girl- no longer my baby.
And in a blink of an eye, you’ll be a lanky teen.
Talking on the phone, whispering secrets that I can’t hear,
No longer playing pattycake or singing baby songs.

My heart is full.
The depth of my love for you knows no bounds.

Whatever your size
Whatever your age
I will see your newborn eyes
And hear that first cry
As I look at you…
My sweet Anne.

(c) Jennifer Junker All Rights Reserved

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