First Day At School

Its hard to explain, the way I feel;
A place unknown but is so real!
A soft voice welcomes me to the place,
I look up to see a lady’s smiling face.

I am led to a table that is covered with shapes,
A young girl my age says “Hi I am Grace,
I am three, but soon will be four. ”
I am a big girl and not afraid anymore.

Days go on and I encounter many new experiences and friends,
I feel like I’m on a roller coaster, which never seems to end.
I forever trying new things and learning everyday.
And the best thing is I having fun while I play!

Today I wrote my name for the very first time,
My teacher hugs me and gives the most gracious smile.
I feel full of pride; confident I can do anything if I try.
If you come to Kindy you are sure to find inside,
Happy smiles from children that continually shine!

(c) Julie Mc Millan All Rights Reserved

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