To see you now with life’s scars on your face
Each one tells a story of its own
As the lines grow many and deeper with time
Your love shines through and never dims.

Things I took for granted like you’d always be here
Now weighs heavy like a stone in my heart
You gave me life and took from your own
With never a second thought never a blink

I hope that now as you look back
You see your love was not wasted on me
I could never be all that you are to me
I am merely a reflection of your heart

Disappointments from me are like the fallen rain
Too many to count though my intentions were always good
But if you take my hand you will feel your soul
It beats in my chest and drives me on

Wish I could’s fill my heart and mind
But no matter what twisting road my life will take
And how many pains I must indure in the process
Always know that you did the best you could

Through it all I will always love you.

(c) 1998 Verna Van Every All Rights Reserved

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