Father To Jo

Jo, you were the quietest baby
born into a 4 hour routine
asleep, so softly as you are now
in your bed in your dreams.

Life does not seem easy for you,
so hard to do some things that you want to
at times though you could do a lot
more than you think if you try.

Sometimes we fall out
and sometimes we cry,
sometimes it’s hard for us both
and you know it’s not easy being a dad.

Love is all I have in my heart,
hope that I can give you the best
you know I’ve been through everything
you’re going through and I’m here just for you.

Now you’re at school,
sometimes the other kids tease you,
finding it hard to make new friends on your own.
Smile, you’ll be amazed at how well you get by
if you play and don’t cry.

Words to you are new
and you fear them why?
Who cares if you get them wrong?
I’ve seen you bringing them home
and how well you can do when you try.

What does it matter you’r place in the class?
All that I want is to bring out the happiness in you,
see you smile.

Life can be great.
Life can get you down sometimes.
But then you’ve no need to worry,
and I’ll be there to smile back, wipe your tears
if you cry.

Rules that you must live by I give you
tools I use to keep you in line.
Time will change the values you live by
from mine to your own.

Boys are something you’ve yet to know,
joy of finding love as you grow
friends to you may not number many
but your friends are so close.

Sooner or later you’ll catch someone’s eye,
leaving the nest as you’re learning to fly,
it’s not easy being a dad.

On you will go,
childhood left behind, me included,
as you become your own woman.
Look behind you over your shoulder for me
I’ll be there.

Be nice if you’d a fine wedding day
and I’d be there to give you away,
so proud that what you’ve got is so much
that it’s caught someone’s heart.

For now you’re still young
with most of your life ahead,
gentle and soft, you lie asleep in your bed,
making me think and write the words
to this poem which have come from my heart.

Summer is just about here.
Time to relax and enjoy all those long days of freedom.
Live it up!

Let yourself go.
Run freely through your life’s young years
and, if you don’t know the way just ask.
Because that’s why I’ve been put here to help as your dad.

It’s been real good talking to you
father to Jo.

(c) Sean McBride All Rights Reserved

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