A child is only little for such a little while
Their world is interpreted by your expressions
Please always try to smile
Your eyes are the mirror of how they see their own self worth
From the moment they look up at you, beginning with their birth
Continuing on as the days slip by
They will search your face to see
Am I ok? Am I good? Will they always cherish me?
What will look back at them, will eyes of love be there?
When grown up will their memory be one of tender care?
These precious years will fly by so very, very fast
Before we even blink our eyes the present is the past
The time to help them love themselves is now while they are small
Because in your eyes they see you as the biggest judge of all
They will carry into adulthood the reflections from your eyes
Measuring their own self worth, they won’t think to realize
That how you treated them in their early years
Reflects a happy life or one that’s filled with tears
Insecurities and doubt will no doubt plague them as well
So let your eyes express your love, it’s how a child can tell.

Copyright 2001 Snowball

(c) Carol Conlogue All Rights Reserved

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