Empty Nest

What happened to the old days
our carefree way of life.
When everything seemed easy
no trouble and no strife.
When life was meant for living
not just for getting by.
When families were together
and the years just seemed to fly.

At least I have my memories
of laughter and of light.
To remind me of the happy times
when I can’t sleep at night.
When everything’s a struggle
and I wonder why I bother.
Suddenly the phone will ring
“Hello, how are you mother?”

I suppose that I am selfish
though, I don’t mean to be.
I know they have their own lives
and rarely think of me.
I wasn’t any different
when I was round their age.
Mothers take a back seat
husbands and wives have centre stage.

I really must look forward
to the time I know will come.
The phone will ring more often
“Can you watch the kids, please Mum?”
No doubt I’ll be complaining
just as my mum used to do.
They say history repeats itself
I hope that’s really true.

(c) K. E. Roberts All Rights Reserved

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