Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

You are not even here yet, but there are things we want you to know
Things to keep in mind as you continue to grow.

We loved you from the start and we will love you even after we are gone
No matter what happens in your life, or no matter what you might do wrong.

We were mesmorized to hear the first beats of your heart
We were amazed when your first kicks began to start.

Your daddy and I love to talk to you each and everyday
You kick your little feet when we have something to say.

I hope we can protect you and keep you from harm
Your daddy hopes you inherit his looks and all his boyish charm!

In our entire life, you are the best thing we have ever done
We can’t wait to meet you, our precious little one.

Most of all, know you were created by your parents strong love
We already love you so much, you are the ultimate gift from above.

(c) Sarah Teaff All Rights Reserved

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