Daddy Jerry

Just barely one.
Your life has just begun.
Hand’s that grip my finger so tight.
Your growing more and more each and every night.

Just barely a head of hair you wear.
As you lay there your eye’s they do stare.
Wonder’s and amazement seen in your smile.
I sit and watch you all the while.

Your smile so warm just like your moms….
and a kind heart that holds all of sisters charms.
She say’s you have eye’s deep like mine….
and brothers laughter that’s so devine.

Ten finger’s….
Ten toe’s
and a cute little round button nose.

Scent so fresh and clean.
Skin like your mothers soft and silky cream.
Conceived out of true love on that special night.
Under the stars of heaven’s twilight.

I lift you up into my arm’s where you belong.
“Rock a bye baby”….I sing you a song.
Our little child, precious and new.
Smile in my heart…..

Daddy Loves you.

(c) 1998 Jerry All Rights Reserved

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