Come Out and Play

My heart seems to beat a little faster these days
Maybe it’s the thought of my life changing in so many ways

I’ve heard so many tales of sleepless nights
And tests of patience taken to new heights

Yet my excitement grows as we count down each week
For I know soon we will finally meet

I have a little fear I must admit
Will I be good at it?

I daydream of baseball games and fishing trips
And passing along life’s little tips

Will you be tall? What color is your hair?
Do you like peas? What will you wear?

Can I slay the monster under your bed?
Will we be able to build a sled?

How will I explain the birds and the bees?
Oh, I must have a million of these

Answers to questions, questions to ponder
Things to see, places to wonder

Together, we’ll be the ultimate team
Limited only by what we can dream

So as the weeks are counted down, I anxiously await
That Oh – so – wonderful date

When all of the waiting is over and done
And I can hold you in my arms, My Son.

(c) 1998 Brad Lawson All Rights Reserved


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