Christmas Lights

A small child “A girl” bounces on his knee,
His cheeks glowing and red,
Quietly the words passed through his lips
that he so often said,

Your my little “Sunshine” . .my darling . . .
My star and gleaming light,
You’ll never know the love I had for you
throughout my entire life . . .

To see your face, your smile, your glowing eyes . . .
Nothing brought me greater joy,
Your playful laughter and giggles
were always welcome noise.

Do you remember how we used to sit and tease . . .
To tickle and kick and fight . . .
Do you remember that final evening kiss we shared,
At bedtime every night . . .

These are the things you will always have,
When you close your eyes to dream,
And you bounce once more upon my knee,
In the lights on Christmas Eve . . .

I love you my Li’l Sunshine and I will always be with you . . .

“Christmas Light” copyright protected R.S.S. Andersen 1995 all rights reserved

(c) Russ Andersen All Rights Reserved

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