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My Child

I wrote this while I was pregnant with my first son. I had alot of emotions going every which way at once.

Only God can make a child

How much God loves us to bless us with this gift,and how much I love my husband by the grace of GOD.


A letter from a mother to her unborn baby.

Thank You

This poem is a Thank you poem for people who attended my work shower and answers to their questions about my pregnancy.

To My Baby

I Wrote This Poem to My Son When I Was 3 Months Pregnant

Little Miracles

A poem written by a mother during pregnancy about her unborn baby.


A poem written by a mother about what her unborn baby can expect in life.

The Question

This is a brief conversation I had with my son when I was expecting my second child.

I Did Not Know

Prose about what a mom wasn’t told about being pregnant.


A poem written by a mom about an unplanned baby / pregnancy.

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