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Getting pregnant.

Yes I am having a baby

This poem was written when I was in my third trimester and getting ready to have my first child at the age of 21

Before You Were Born

Before you were born, we celebrated. We baked a cake And decorated. We talked of the joy you would bring, Of nursery rhymes And baby things. We gave Mommy gifts, Ooh and aahed at her form To show you we loved you Even before you were born. (c) Jeannie K. Markech All Rights Reserved Comments

Can’t Hardly Wait

Written for my first baby. Waiting with anticipation and excitment.



From the Beginning…

My poem is a poem from a baby in her mother’s womb to her mother. I wrote it for my mother this Mother’s Day as a gift of love. I hope that it will touch your heart.


Waiting for conception, for pregnancy, for parenthood.

The miracle of birth

I wrote this poem when I was pregnant with my baby Savhanna. She is now one year old.

Creating Life

Feelings of growing baby.

On The Inside

I gave this to my boyfriend or should I say my ex-boyfriend after we planned a pregnancy and he left me while I was five months pregnant.

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