Category Archives: Poems About Twins

My Sister , My Friend

This poem is about my twin sister and how she will always be my best friend.

Two Little Angels

A poem about having twins, parenthood, and love.

Double Dose of Love

About my twin daughters and their special bond that only they understand.

For My Little Miracles

Poem I wrote for my twin boys.

The Twin Connection

The perfect friendship of my twins.

Miracle Babies

This is a poem my mother wrote after the premature birth of our twins. They are now 1 year old as of Jan 4, 2000 and are a whopping 13 lbs!!!

Mommy’s Precious Valentines

A poem written by a mother to her preemie twins.

Nature At Its Basic Element

A poem about trip out into the woods with a group of preschoolers to experience nature.

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