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The Wet Season

This poem looks at the close relationship that is developed between mother and baby during breastfeeding. I have chosen to express this in a metaphore about the forces of australian nature.

Fragrant and Warm

This poem is about how it feels to me to be a mom, and to nurse my sweet baby!

Night Feeds

Breastfeeding a newborn child.

Tender One

A poem about a mother admiring her baby.

Milk rivers

Milk from chocolate gently spills into a baby’s pursed lips Her hand gently squeezes her breast to send down the milk Each pull of her hand fills up her already full breast brown A bucket of chocolate skin cools the hot tears of a hungry belly (c) Christopher Miller All Rights Reserved

Nursing a Toddler

Sticky little chubby hands pull my shirt, clearly it’s time to nurse. Now I have blue yogurt on my white bra, I know it could be worse! She’s too busy for cuddles and kisses, we nurse to keep us in touch. She wants to be big like her big sister, sometimes its just too much.

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