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My Precious Child

Being a parent.


My poem is about my life as a parent.

Did You Forget About Me?

A father told me this story after he and his wife decided not to have any more children. After this experience, they are expecting one more child.

Little Helping Hands

How a child could change your life as a parent.

The Difference

A poem about what a daddy gave & a mommy gives.

Our Blessings

My baby is no longer….a baby. My youngest of 2 daughters is getting married. It is much harder to let go than I had ever imagined. I wrote this to read at her wedding. We also printed it on scrolls for all our guests..

How Could a Father not Care?

A poem about being pregnant with twins and a father that doesn’t want to be involved.

My Darling…

This is a poem my mother wrote for me when I was a child. I am now 41 & this is going to be given to my daughter who is now 18 on her wedding day!

A Cowboys Conversation

A humble man giving thanks for his family on Christmas

My 3 Sons

A poem written by a mom about her three sons.

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