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Sleeping Beauty

Following my mother’s stroke in 1993, I cared for her in our home until her death in 1999. I would often watch her while she was sleeping–admiring her for the wonderful person she was, and treasuring the time we had together–realizing how precious our time on this earth is

Forever in my Heart

This poem holds great meaning in my heart, for my father is truly the greatest man I’ll ever know.


The loss of a Mother to Alzhiemers

The Old Cemetery

This is a poem that was written by me after a visit to the cemetery to place a wreath upon my moms grave and talk with her.

Even though…

Death of a father.

I Think

I think about you every day For all you have given I can never repay You are there for me no matter what You are gentle and kind and that’s a fact I think about the things you do And wonder sometimes how you pull through From baby to teenager and now a woman You

Mom, I Knew You Were There

It’s about how strong the bond was that I had and have with my Mother.


I lost my stepdad two years ago in a fire. He raised me and I thank him for that. This is for you David.

Father II

Another poem written about my Father….he is very much missed.


The poem is about understanding my mother’s feelings about the death of her mother.

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