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Prayer For My Daughter

My teen-age daughter’s response to a prayer I had prayed for her in my 5th month of pregnancy.

Twice Blessed

My poem was written while pregnant with my son.

My mommy and me!

I love her, She loves me….

A mother’s prayer

A mother’s pain at estrangment from a child and her prayer to have a second chance.

Prayer For My Unborn Child

I wrote this when I was expecting my daughter. I call it my “poem prayer” as it is my prayer for my baby.

A Gift From Above

A poem about taking the time to cherish your children.

I Gave Up Nothing

The Sacrifices and Rewards of being a Mom .

My Child

A poem about being a mother.

The Housewife

A day in my life as a house wife.

A Mother’s Love

A poem to my mother thanking her for all she has done for me.

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