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Sweet Child Of Mine

My Sweet Baby Boy

Sawyer Pond

My transition to new motherhood.

Attitude to Zombie – A Mother’s ABCs

Realistic portrayal of motherhood written as ABC book

Muddy Faces

The wonderful time children have playing in the mud may frustrate many a mother, but this poem deals with it in a way that show the humor of it all.


A poem about being a mother.

And God Created Mothers

This poem was written for Mothers


A mother’s love.



My Perfect Child

Poem to my son after he was born.

A Mother’s Prayer

Shelter him with love and care, protect him from all harm… and when he falters, please be there, to shield him from the storm. Throughout his life, forevermore, may angels hover near, to guard this child, that I love so, and take away his fear. Spread your wings, my son and go, to places you

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