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Special Angel

For my son who died of a rare immunodefeicey disease called SCIDS, at the age of 11 months.

Rest In Peace Beloved Son

My son Wm. Anthony who was killed on October 7th 2001 by the recklessness of 3 drivers.


This poem is about my daughter whom died 45 minutes after birth.

Remember That I Love You

I wrote this poem the day after I delivered my daughter. She was stillborn at 22 weeks. I read this at her funeral. To my precious Eliana Hope Kinsey–

Mommy’s Arms Are Empty

This was written on the due date of my baby (January 19, 2002). Heartbreakingly, I had a miscarriage on June 29, 2001. Our baby girl will live forever in the hearts of Mommy, Daddy, and big brother Hunter.

They Say Love is Blind

The loss of my Bib (baby in belly).

Our Angel

Nathan William Riordan Dec.11,1999-May 20,2001 17 too short months is all we had but you lived life to the fullest all the memories are precious!


The tragic death of baby Tanner


My husband and I lost our 20 month old son, Logan Edward Jones, to something very rare in a baby–pulmonary hypertension. This happened within one week. We didn’t even know he was sick. I wrote this poem for Logan, and dedicate it to him.

Mommy’s little one

For my baby who I miss so much.

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