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Before You Were Born

Before you were born, we celebrated. We baked a cake And decorated. We talked of the joy you would bring, Of nursery rhymes And baby things. We gave Mommy gifts, Ooh and aahed at her form To show you we loved you Even before you were born. (c) Jeannie K. Markech All Rights Reserved Comments


A letter from a mother to her unborn baby.

To My Baby

I Wrote This Poem to My Son When I Was 3 Months Pregnant

For Joseph

A poem from a mother to her son.

Dear Baby

I wrote a letter in the form of a poem to our unborn baby.

For Annie

A poem written for my one year old.

To Gavin

Wondering where my son will fit in and what impact he’ll make upon the world…Written before he was born. (Still pregnant, in fact!)


This is a letter I wrote to my daughter on her first birthday. I also submitted one while I was pregnant with her called Dear Unborn Child of Mine, and I keep all the letters in her baby book for her to read someday.

My Beautiful Daughter

Mothers and daughters

Danny Boy

Letter to my son.

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