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To Remain A Child

The life of a child throughout our adult years.

Know It All

When you become a mother, you realize what you learned from your mother.

My Special Gift

This poem was written by me for my daughter Amanda when she recently turned 13. It expresses the feelings I have for her.

Beautiful Child

The beauty of our children.

School Tomorrow

My feelings the day before my oldest son’s first day of school.

Then I’ll Cry

Poem was written as I contemplated what feelings would surface as the second (and last) son left the nest

Where to begin this story I tell

Poem about a mom’s dismay about her son going seriously astray.

New Life

New Life- a comparison of the seasonal changes of a tree with the seasons of motherhood.

Time Marches On

These are my reflections on my son’s second birthday.

In My Parent’s Love

This is what I want our son to remember when he looks back on his life.

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