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A poem written by a father to his mother about his new son.

The Child Within You

A poem written by a father who was dreaming of having a daughter.

A Father’s Love

About wanting to be with my daughter as she grows but the circumstances between her mother and I made it hard.

Come Out and Play

A poem written by a father to his unborn son: “As my wife is pregnant with our first child (a boy), I wanted to capture how I’m feeling during the pregancy so that I can share it with my son one day.”


This poem is about how a child feels after they have grown up about thier father and his what they believe his expectations were of them.

A Father’s Prayer

A father’s prayer about his son

A Son to His Father

The Pride of being a dad!

Who’s Your Daddy?

The leader said, “My daddy is an aeronautical engineer. He is working on the stealth planes, few have that career. He goes to different cities almost every week; he is an important man. He might be home this weekend and might take me for a ride in the van.” “My Daddy works on the mountains

The Shaving School

All lathered up in a Santa Clause foam beard in the reflection of the mirror my little one appeared. He came equipped with a toy shaving kit. He said, ” Daddy let’s get rid of this fuzz and chat while we’re at it.” I was just amazed at my son’s initiative to converse. I suppose

Christmas Lights

The memory of a special moment between Daddy and his little girl no matter what her age may be.

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