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A boy or a man

This poem was written about being left as a parent. I wrote it seven years ago and still sing it to my daughter. It touched me and I hope it will touch others the same as it did my husband.

Daddy’s Pledge

A seperated parent’s pledge to his child.

How Proud I Will Be

Having my baby.


This was written while our baby was in the NICU, and is an overview of our many visits.

A Father’s Worst Nightmare

Daughters dating.

My Daddy When I was Four

This poem, was in a Ann Landers Column for Fathers Day in 1999. The Author Is Unknown. This is the Father, Child Relationship.

Late Night Flight

A heart-warming poem written by a dad about the late night hours with his colicky daughter.

Daddy Jerry

A father watching is young child sleeping.

Daddy’s Boy

A poem written by a mom to her husband for Father’s Day.

Piercing the Knight

A poem about the seemingly simple act of ‘throwing of kisses’ from daughters to father.

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