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What is a Daddy?

For my little Anna. Her daddy disappeared when she was two weeks old. How to explain to this little one about why she doesn’t have a daddy.

Dad’s Advice

A Father’s Words.

He isn’t just a Dad to me

Father’s Day-a poem written by a teenage daughter to her Dad

Make Me Laugh Dad

My Dad,the most jolly fellow I know who can forget the punchline in a joke and make it even funnier than what the end was supposed to be.

When Your Hero Falls

This is a poem dedicaited to my father who was murdered. I love you dad.

From One Day to The Next

The mixed emotions, Joys and pains of knowing your child will grow up. And hoping they will still love you as you love them.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Doing jigsaw puzzles with my 5 year-old son.

Night Sky

Divorce of a family.

My Daddy

About a little girl with a stepfather that knows him as dad.

Riding the Rails

A father’s reflection of his own childhood after watching his daughter listen to a familiar record.

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