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Baby Boy

My son (Who has Tourettes Syndrome and ADHD) He is now 12 years old.

Little One

Speaks to baby while in utero about the wonder of being pregnant.

What I Would Do For You

My poem is about all of the things you would do for your child, but won’t because they need to go through it themselves.

Well Worth the Wait

I wrote this poem to my daughter one month after she was born, I plan on giving this poem to her as an 18th birthday present to let her know how special she is and to let her know just how much of a gift from God she is.

To The Three Of You

Letter to my three boys.

A New Life Has Begun

One night when my son was asleep I wrote this to him. I wanted him to know just how I felt about him and how I always will.

A daughter is a blessing

My poem is about my daughter before I had her. My mother wrote half of it and then she died and so I finished it.

There Was A Reason For You

My Poem is about the birth of my son Dilon. There was a reason, as with every child that he was given to us but our reason is special. In our time of Life’s ups and downs, we didn’t know where our future would lead and then after a car accident I found out that I was pregnant with our son. I was 7 months pregnant at the time. Our marriage was still struggling as was I not knowing wether or not that our baby would be okay. He was born a perfect little angel in our eyes and we beleive that God had a purpose for everything that had happened. These things opened our eyes about our selfishnesses toward one another and to what we had almost lost…Our wonderful son, Dilon!

God Gave Me You

I wrote this poem for my children. Brooklyn, Ashlyn and Dallas. I love my angels!!


For My little girl.

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