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The Question

This is a brief conversation I had with my son when I was expecting my second child.

Little Seth, Precious One

The miracle of new life.

A Parent’s Prayer

My poem is about something everyone should be concerned about…… School Shootings.

Tell Me a Story

Reading to your baby.

My Love For My Son

A poem to my newborn son from me, his teenage mom.

Muddy Faces

The wonderful time children have playing in the mud may frustrate many a mother, but this poem deals with it in a way that show the humor of it all.

The Mother I want to Be

My poem is written to my unborn son when I was 17 and 13 weeks pregnant.

My Daughter

It about my feelings to my daughter, about her and I.

Child of My Heart

A poem I wrote after I had my children about the time when I carried them and the afterwards. I wanted to tell them I loved them for who they are and who they made me.

Child Of Mine

My poem is about my unborn child and how anxiously we await “it’s” arrival.

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