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I was adopted at birth and am now 18 yrs old. I will be meeting my birthmom for the very first time on November 28h, so this poem is about what I am feeling.

“The Other Mother”

This is a poem about a young women who believes she can’t give her unborn baby the care and love that he needs. And now that she look back she really starts to think about the choice that she made about giving her baby up to the “other mother”.


Why I waited so long to search for my Birthmother.


Viewing my life as an incomplete puzzle.

Savannah Serenity

I wrote this poem to my daughter and her adoptive parents.

It Start’s in the Heart

I wrote this poem to our second daughter’s birth mother, the adoption was final Jan 19th 2000

Who’s Son are You?

This poem is actually a list of questions that came to me as I watched my son sleep.

“My Mommy”

A baby’s conversation to God about meeting his mother for the first time at the airport when he was adopted.

A LETTER TO MY SON – The Life Inside

A letter and poem “To my Son” whom I gave up for adoption. I have been searching and waiting for him. I just want him to know his story.

The Emotional Unplanned Ride

Written for my Unborn Child: Cody Johnson – God decided you were meant to be, God is always right. The moments before we knew we conceived.

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