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A letter to Matthew

A letter written by a mother to her newly adopted son.

The Baby in the Park

A poem about how a mother came to adopt her son.

Heart Of Mine

I asked our daughters birthmom to write a letter to our baby explaining her decision to place her baby for adoption. She chose to do it this way.

Please Remember Me

A birth mother asking her baby’s adoptive parents to remember her.

I Remember

About giving up a baby for adoption

I Gave My Child to You

For my son’s adoptive mother.

Hold My Hand

Thought after reunion with Birthmother


This is a poem I wrote to my adoptive mom. I was adopted as a baby. I recently turned 18, and went in search of my birthmom, and my mom has been so suportive through the whole thing. She is my mom, because she raised me, and I love her so much. But, I also love my birthmom for giving me a great life. In my poem when I say “mom”, I am taking about my birthmom.

God, I Need Your Help

Talking to God and asking for just one chance to meet my BirthMother and the blessing I received.

Reyanna Nicole

About the baby I gave up for adoption.

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