Because He Does Know Best

On Angels wings He sent me from heaven high above,
He gently took me by my hand,
Then He whispered in my ear,
He told me that my time had come. It was my time to leave.
As he held me in his loving arms, and wiped away my tears
His Angels gently kissed me a loving fond farewell,
Teardrops filled their eyes, as they whisper sweet good-byes
Jesus was sending me on my way,
I wanted so to stay.
But Jesus said now hush child
I always know what ‘s best.
His angels sweetly sang to me in voices soft and low,
I said, “Oh Jesus, are you sure, are you sure that I must go,
He then replied, “My little one, remember what I promised,
I will always love you, no matter where you go.”
Just keep me in your heart,
You have nothing at all to fear
I always know what’s best for you, You are my loving child,
I’ll always keep you near.
He said He found the perfect place a place for only me,
A place filled with happiness, love, and hopes and dreams.
He told me that he searched the world ,
and looked in the hearts of all,
Till when He found two special hearts,
with all these things and more.
Just as I was about to leave,
He then reminded me, that he would always
know the best, and I should never fear.
A mommy and a daddy he had chosen just for me,
Whose hearts were filled with so much love, they had
Way enough to share,
He promised they would love me,
I never would be in need,
of soft sweet kisses to wipe away my hurts and all my tears.
He said I was the answer to their every dream and prayer.
I’d be their blessing from above to hold and cherish to love.
Before you go,
there is one thing I don’t want you to forget
I will always love you, and
I know what is the best..
Now as I grow and wonder, I wait for the right day.
When once again I’ll hear His voice whisper in my ear,
It’s time, to be on your way, this is the special day,
Today’s the day, it’s here at last, the day you have to leave.
Don’t be scared you know by now,
I always know what’s best,
The time is here, but I will leave reluctantly,
this warm and guarded place,
I would rather stay right here
where I know it’s warm and safe .
Under my Mommy’s heart I grew,
getting ready for this day
Jesus said you’re ready now, it’s really time to leave,
Now be on your way, there’s no more to do,
I know what’s best for you.
You have a Mommy and a Daddy that have been waiting oh so long,
He told me I had Grandmas and that I had Grandpas too,
And that they all were waiting, to share the things they knew,
They were all just waiting for this blessed dream come true.
He told me “you are finished now, you’re perfect in every way,”
He said that I was ready, the time was drawing near,
A brand new life in store for me
Filled with love, of wonderment, and cheer.
Lots of things to learn and do,
Many things to see.
I will always guide you,
And your Mom and Daddy too.
I will always be with you
You are a family .
But please do always keep this in your hearts
For ever more
Know that I always do know best,
And you can call on me
I sent you down from heaven, on my sweet Angels wings,
I sent you down from heaven,
to your Mommy and your Dad,
I sent you down on angels wings in answer to their prayers.
My angels brought you to their hearts,
to share their precious love,
So as I started on my way, without knowing what to expect,
I heard Jesus whisper,
” You know that I know best.”
Oh I’m so cold and so afraid, I don’t know where I am.
Don’ know if I want to stay,
it’s not like heaven at all.
But I remembered what Jesus said, that near he’d always be.
And that he always knew what’s best, I had nothing at all to fear.
I knew He kept his promise, when you held me in your arms,
and then I felt your tears of joy, fall gently on my cheek,
I hear a soft voice whispering
as they thanked the Lord for me,
and that I had ten toes and such, I knew they did love me.
I knew at once that I was safe, no longer cold or scared.
I knew just where that I belonged, Jesus put me here.
You know what Jesus says,
He always knows what’s best.
“You must be my Mommy and you must be my Dad,
God sent me here for you to love, to rest warmly in your arms,
without a single care,
He knows that you will love me,
and you’ll keep me from all harm.
He knows that there’s a special place in your heart
you set aside for me.
A place that I will fill with laughter, with happiness,
joy and pride.
Just as he told me long ago, “I always know what’s best.”
This was His promise to me, a promise that He kept.
He picked you for my Mommy,
and he picked you to be my Dad,
Jesus never makes mistakes, just trust in him and see,
I’m so small and have lot’s to learn, but he never lied to me.
Just like when he promised, when he whispered in my ear,
“I sent you down from heaven on my sweet Angels wings.
I told you I will always love you, and not to ever fear.”
I’ll always know what’s best for you, just ask,
I’m always near
So now I am here, surrounded with the love Jesus promised me.
A mommy and a daddy, who love,
and care for me each day.
My grandmas and my grandpas, to give their love,
Their blessings, and help me learn to pray.
I know that I was sent here to be loved this special way
I know ’cause Jesus told me, he always knows the best.
I listen to a lullaby my Mommy sings to me,
She sounds just like the angels, who sang their songs to me.
While Daddy sits and watches,
Mommy hold me close to her
He knows that Jesus watches as she rocks me fast to sleep.
He knows that Jesus loves us
and he will teach them too,
He’ll tell them that He knows the best,
And what he says is true.
I thank you Dear Lord Jesus for finding this Mom and Dad for me,
I thank you for the love and joy you placed in their hearts for me.
I thank you Jesus once again, for always knowing best.
I thank you for the love they give me
all because I’m me.
There’s just one thing I need to add, before I fall asleep
Please keep this promise for me.
Always keep Him within your heart
You can always trust in Him, you surly will be blessed
You can always trust in Jesus,
’cause you know he does know best.

– Karen Thomas (April 2001)
Raleigh, NC

April 19, 2001

(c) Karen Thomas All Rights Reserved

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