Baby’s Poem

dear little baby
little child so small
i have yet to hold you
to look upon your face
for nine months long
i will shelter you
tucked within my womb
only God will see your face
so safe and secure
quietly sleeping, playing
only water where you
rest your tiny head
until nature begins
it’s creaking and churning
slowly out you will come
from your watery nest
then you will be
a part of this world
knowing only your needs
oblivoius to the rest
this world may sting
it may toss you bad turns
on it’s turbulent waters
so different from the
peaceful waters of the
womb you once
nested in
when your first days began
don’t ever give up
for your Heavenly Father
will always reach His hand
out to you
if you reach out for His
He will pull you to safe
and calm seas once again
and wrap you in His arms
of love
and He will show you the way

(c) 1999 Rachel All Rights Reserved

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