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He sits and looks at me so innocent and sweet,and when I look in to his big blue eyes it becomes the perfect day.

Tick tock Tick tock

What is this pain I feel in my heart? I know I must prepare for the day we have to part.

Tick tock Tick tock

His smile is big and wide, he has dimples in hes cheeks, He touches my face with his soft warm hand, I know he can take me to a better land.

Tick tock Tick tock.

I watch him crawl, I watch him play Is he going away day by day.

Tick tock Tick tock

I feel so humble in tje eyes of this child, he will live his life with dignity and pride. When he lays his head upon my lap I know I have the courage to go on.

Tick tock Tick tock

So Thomas I will hold your hand and together we will walk to the better land With every beat of my heart I will love you more and more and at the end of each day we will say;


All my love my special angel

(c) Helen Birch All Rights Reserved

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Oh, a new “Gift from God” is on the way,
Come join us on this special day.
Balls and trucks and toys galore,
Don’t be afraid we have room for more.
Doc says, “it’s a Boy” but didn’t write it in ink,
We hope he’s right since we’ve bought nothing pink.
Baby’s not here yet but already spoiled,
Pockets are empty, but our heart’s full of joy.
We kept trying and trying but the stork wouldn’t show,
So we just kept it up until a baby started to grow.
God answered our prayers just soon enough,
And soon we’ll have a baby that we can show off.
Burp rags, bibs and stinky diapers too,
Soon we’ll be changing them, we hope you’ll help too.
We know there will be crying and screaming the first year,
But it’s not the baby; it’s Mom and Dad that you hear.
We’ve been reading and reading about babies that’s true,
Nothing we’ve read says it’s easy to do.
We’ve seen all the latest movies and even cruised along the shore,
Since we know that after baby comes this we’ll do no more.
We’ve watched other parents and just shook our heads,
We’re glad their not ours is all that we said.
We’ll teach him respect and all that implies,
So that every day he’ll put love in our eyes.
As we grow older and dwell in the joy,
We’ll thank God for this little boy.

LOVE “Daddy”

(c) larry leach All Rights Reserved

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Yes I am having a baby

Yes I’m having a baby
I can feel him grow everyday
Yes he sits inside me
I can tell he is on his way
When I lay awake a night
I can feel him move about
I’m hoping everything is alright
Sometimes he makes me want to shout
I am filled with so much fear
Because I am in my third quarter
Oh my precious dear
Do you know that he maybe a daughter
I know it’s all worthwhile
I am looking forward to the day we meet
I can’t wait to see you smile
It will make my life complete.

(c) Kelly Melchiore All Rights Reserved

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Before You Were Born

Before you were born, we celebrated.
We baked a cake
And decorated.

We talked of the joy you would bring,
Of nursery rhymes
And baby things.

We gave Mommy gifts,
Ooh and aahed at her form
To show you we loved you
Even before you were born.

(c) Jeannie K. Markech All Rights Reserved

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Can’t Hardly Wait

Little baby inside of me
Try to imagine what you will see,

It’s a great big world, to see out here
but please don’t worry my little dear.

Your Mom and Dad will see you through,
No matter how scary the things you do.

We promise to always try our best
and I know Heavenly Father will do the rest.

We feel so lucky to have you come
Once your’re here we’ll have some fun.

Daddy, Mommy and baby too
We’ll laugh and play and tickle you.

We can hardly wait to see
How you look, like Dad or me?

It’s time to go now, yes, it’s true
But always remember that WE LOVE YOU.

(c) Amy Esplin All Rights Reserved

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There’s a miracle within me
Sent from Heaven above,
Placed here through His merciful love.

His plan unfolds before my eyes,
His power and grace in disguise.

As life is breathed into this child,
He hugs us gently, e’r so mild.

Our prayers He answered in His time,
Growing our Faith in Him, our Vine.

For the miracle sent our way,
We thank the Lord every day!

(c) Kathryn Swan All Rights Reserved

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From the Beginning…

Mothers give the greatest gift,
that we on earth can receive.
A life to live and love to give;
the day she does conceive.

She carries me close, inside her.
Her heartbeat I do hear.
Her voice sounds like Angels singing-
The first sweet sound I hear.

Her touch is; Oh so gentle.
So secure I feel inside.
Only wondering how much longer,
in her womb I must abide.

Then the day comes,
when I no longer need to stay.
I only want to be outside-
in her arms I wish to lay.

I twist I turn,
I push I shove,
I open my eyes
and look above.

So scared I feel,
I just want to hide,
then her voice I hear,
so close by my side.

Then I see her-
The most Beautiful sight I’ve seen,
reaching out for me- her eyes full of tears,
yet still a happy gleam.

I snuggle and cuddle,
as close as I can.
As she kisses me gently,
and then takes me by my little hand.

I love her instantly,
as much as my small heart can bare.
Bundled up in her arms;
I grasp a strand of her soft hair.

I wrap it in my hand,
So, so very tight.
wanting to make sure that-
she is with me throughout the night.

I settle in quickly,
and slowly drift off to sleep.
As my mother carefully watches over me,
and counts each toe on my feet.

I see her in my dreams,
I feel her in my heart.
And I know this feeling will be here, in life,
even if we are apart.

So Mother, when you think of me,
know that this is true;
When I think of Undying Love,
Mother I am thinking of YOU!

(c) Michele Petersen All Rights Reserved

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I am enamoured of a hope.
Madly in love with a someday thing,
an early dream.
I hear your voice in the morning gurgles of someone else’s child.
With great care, I build you in my mind;
His cheeks,
My skin,
His hands,
My eyes.
I bathe you, dress you, hold you in my empty arms.
I sing you private lullabies,
songs too tender to belong to anyone but you.
And God how I love you,
my baby yet-to-be.
Clutching your eventuality to my heart
I name you Soon.

(c) Victoria S. All Rights Reserved

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The miracle of birth

Little baby deep inside-
around you my thoughts reside.
Will you have your dads dimpled chin?
Or your moms playful grin?
A little boy with eyes of blue?
A brown eyed girl would be nice too!
-Part of the husband-
-Part of the wife-
Joined together to make a new life.
-A wonderful gift from Heaven above-
The miracle of birth,
A token of our love.

(c) Kimberly Herndon All Rights Reserved

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Creating Life

A human heart beats within me
How Incredible
Little fingers and toes
A little face, a little nose

My stomach is growing
I am now “showing”
How Incredible

I am so excited, and a little afraid
of the unexpected
As my heart is full of happiness
and my head is flooded with thoughts

I am so anxious to meet my baby
and to hold him or her in my arms

(c) elaina mastromattei All Rights Reserved

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