Oh, a new “Gift from God” is on the way,
Come join us on this special day.
Balls and trucks and toys galore,
Don’t be afraid we have room for more.
Doc says, “it’s a Boy” but didn’t write it in ink,
We hope he’s right since we’ve bought nothing pink.
Baby’s not here yet but already spoiled,
Pockets are empty, but our heart’s full of joy.
We kept trying and trying but the stork wouldn’t show,
So we just kept it up until a baby started to grow.
God answered our prayers just soon enough,
And soon we’ll have a baby that we can show off.
Burp rags, bibs and stinky diapers too,
Soon we’ll be changing them, we hope you’ll help too.
We know there will be crying and screaming the first year,
But it’s not the baby; it’s Mom and Dad that you hear.
We’ve been reading and reading about babies that’s true,
Nothing we’ve read says it’s easy to do.
We’ve seen all the latest movies and even cruised along the shore,
Since we know that after baby comes this we’ll do no more.
We’ve watched other parents and just shook our heads,
We’re glad their not ours is all that we said.
We’ll teach him respect and all that implies,
So that every day he’ll put love in our eyes.
As we grow older and dwell in the joy,
We’ll thank God for this little boy.

LOVE “Daddy”

(c) larry leach All Rights Reserved

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