Attitude to Zombie – A Mother’s ABCs

Aerating arguments in Aerostar
Befriended by bratty boys
Capturing cunning coercions with cute curtsies
Deprived of diversionary destiny
Embracing with ever evolving empathy
Frequently flattered then forgotten
Gratified with gales and goslings
Horrified by humble housewife hauntings
Intensely in search of identity without indignity
Judged by jurors without justification
Kindred of klingy, klangy, and kantankerous
laxidazical and loquacious
Morosely mesmorized by muppets
Notorious at noting and nullifying negativity
Operating with over organization
Perpetually partitioned from partygoers
Quick with questionable quote
Resistant to regiment, yet requiring routine
Singer of simplicity ’til splendid slumber
Tinger of tambourine and tooter of trumpet
Unequivocally underestimated by undereducated undesirables
Vicarious venter with ventures to venues
Whistler of whimsical wonders
X-ulting X-amples of X-pedient X-its
Zooming from zero tolerance.

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