Answers to Mommies Questions

Sometimes I sit and wonder
What it is I’m supposed to do
Then I hear a “Mommy!”
And my second of quiet is through
Sometimes I get so tired
Of picking toys up off of the floor
Just to turn myself around
And do it all again once more.
Sometimes after I cook dinner
With all the dishes in a pile,
I sigh and ask myself
Is all of this worth while?
Sometimes after bath time
With naked babies running back and to
My patience have come to an end
But there is more for me to do.
“I want to hear this story”
Daddy needs a glass of tea
The baby needs a bottle
And “Will you go potty with me?”
Sometimes when the day has ended
As I go from bed to bed
I look into their faces
And quietly kiss their heads.
I listen to them breathing
And their dreamy little sighs
This is the answer to my question
And now I know just why.

(c) Shannon Durrance All Rights Reserved

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