Anna’s Conception

Dedicated To My Anna Elizabeth 1/16/99 the day she was born.

Anna’s Conception:

As I lay in bed and wonder
I have thoughts that
I can’t live without.
Will god answer my prayer?
Just one more time,
The longing to hold
And cherish another.
My faith in the Lord is strong.
I know if you come,
You where meant to be.
One month, two months,
And Three,
Each I prayed to be.
A Boy, A Girl,
It didn’t matter to me,
I just prayed to be.
Today I woke up,
And with one quick test,
You will see,
How the Lord had been watching over me.
Because you will see,
Your brother and sister and baby,
Make Three. So the Lord decided,
You where meant to be.

For my daughter Anna, Born 1/16/99,
With love I wrote this poem for you,
Love Mommy, Pamela S. Johnson

(c) Pamela Bianco Johnson All Rights Reserved

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