Yes I have seen angels,
and devils and gremlins too.
I see them practically everyday
they look like me and you,

When the angels come out
They want to play
They like to read books
They dance and they sway.

The angels are lovely and kind and sweet,
They share their love of the people they meet,
They make me feel young yet also wise,
For they never have answers
for questions they devise

For the angels are innocent
They don’t belong here,
On this cruel mean world
That they often fear.

When the devils come out
You’ll want to be going
They like to destroy
They keep anger flowing.

The devils i’ve seen are just as pure,
In the way that they see this life
Their evil and sadism is simply a mirror
Of the things they’ve learned from strife.

The devils are horrid and ugly and sour,
They share their hatred of all in power,
They make me feel old yet also naive
For they never find questions
for answers they believe.

The gremlins, I think,
Are the worst of them all
For they want to make mischief
They walk and they crawl.

The gremlins are sneaky
But they mean you no harm
Their aim is to reach in
And trip your alarm.

The gremlins are here more often than not
They live to wreak havoc with nary a thought.
They make me feel tired yet also in charge
For they never have eyes
for the trouble at large.

All these creatures I love,
This whole crowded mob,
For I am their mother,
And that is my job!

(c) 1997 Peaux all rights reserved

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