Angels Among Us

Angels walk among us,
This I know is true…..

For nine months I carried you inside me
Waiting anxiously for your arrival
Just to look into your eyes and lay beside you

I knew I could not keep you
I knew you were not meant for me………
God’s given gifts are for us to share
For it is much better to give then receive

So, I prayed to him for guidance, please show me the way
He sent an Angel to help me and assure me it would be ok
I placed you in her arms and with her you will learn to fly
Through lifes long journey, she will be your guide

My eyes filled with tears and like the rain I cried

But they were tears of joy, love, happiness
and most of all great pride

Though you may not see me
I am with you all the time…….

The warmth you feel from the sunshine
Are my arms wrapped around you
hugging you filling you with joy
You will glow from the inside

The rain that falls upon your face
Will be the tears I cry
Not tears of sorrow
But of joy and pride

The breeze that brushes across your cheek
Well, that’s me,
kissing and tasting your skin
so soft and sweet

The butterflies in your stomach,
you thought were your nerves
That is me telling you
“You can do it, I have faith in you”

One day I hope you will understand why I did what I did
Not because I didn’t Love you
But because you were and still are special to me
I only wanted for you to have the world
And everything you could desire

So, when I prayed to God for help
It was an Angel he sent to me…….

Yes my daughter, two mothers God gave to you
One to give you life
and to share with someone who could not do the same
But, deserved to have such a gift
And God had given me one to give
I know you will Love me for the chance I have given you
I will only ask that in return
You grow up to be a beautiful woman,
share your gifts with the world

Return the Love your Angel gives you
And know that in spirit
I am always at your side.

To Baby Angel Blue Eyes
(Marlena Elisabeth Robison)
March 19, 1999

With all my Love,
(Margaret Elisabeth Robison)

(c) Libby All Rights Reserved

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