Angel Scott

Scott did you know we had a son
God did it your know
Sent this little boy down
It is sad though
Because he will becoming home soon
And you won’t be there.
I sometimes think that maybe it was God’s plan
Want to know why?
Because we were so young;
And so it begun
That we sent our baby to live with
Another couple to raise.
And we were left to fill our days
Then God took you too soon, you see
And it always made me sad,
That you would never hear
our little baby say DAD
But then one day I realized,
That you were the lucky one
Because you got to watch over him
And watch him grow up.
I think God knew our baby needed an Angel
Not just any Angel,
But an Angel like you,
He will be 18 soon
And I just wanted to know
Are you going to bring him home?
Because I am his Mom you see
And I think the time has come to be
That I hold and hug him
For you and for me.
So until then,
Please watch over him.
Our Angel Scott

(c) Pamela Bianco Johnson All Rights Reserved

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