Angel Baby #2

Now is not your time, little one
Though it seemed your life had just begun.
I’ve learned before about these things
Sometimes even the tiniest angels get their wings.
It’s difficult to know you’re still inside me
But our second child you never will be.
We will not rush to the hospital to deliver you
Around the time that I would have been due.
Daddy will not count as he holds my leg
“Epidural, Please” I will not beg.
To set you free they will use a vacuum
You’re the second angel baby removed from my womb.
Yes, you have a brother or sister awaiting you
Somewhere up above in the Heavens so blue.
And I too will join you someday, you see
When God decides to send for me.
Now is not your time, little one
But you will live on in my heart, sweet daughter or son.

(c) Sarah Kelly All Rights Reserved

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