Alone They Are Together

Alone, in the room they sit together,
Worlds apart, but still they are the same.
Mother sits in thought, contemplating,
On what is going to be her baby’s name.

Two years have passed, her child is getting older,
Mothers proud of how her little boy has grown.
He cuddles in her arms and now is sleeping,
Playing in a dreamland of his own.

She must let go, and look away,
As tears flow from her eyes.
He climbs aboard the big yellow bus,
and waves to mom “goodbye”.

My how time flys, her son is grown,
Or so he seems to think.
He has no use for momma now,
It’s dope, and booze, and drinks.

He only goes out partying,
With the coolest of his friends.
He has no way of knowing,
That his young life soon will end.

“An overdose”, says the coroner,
And shakes his head is disbelief.
While momma’s busy crying,
And choking in her grief.

In the start they were as one,
Till drugs tore him away.
So momma tries to remember him,
As he was in his younger days.

(c) 1998 Sherry Gautreau All Rights Reserved

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