A mother’s prayer

I think of you wherever I go
of days gone by and times of wonder
of simple things no more to be
How I wish you were once more three.

I think of times when you were younger
Happy days,sad days and in between
Of little you upon my knee
How I wish you were once more three

I think of us and how we’ve been
and deep inside I begin to scream
The tears are frozen behind my eyes
No one hears my sobs and sighs
I pray the Lord for help for me
How I wish you were once more three.

Alas,I know it’s now too late
To start again and clear the slate
To see again the days of yore
To try to change what’s gone before
So I pray to God to let me be
As close to you as when you were three.

(c) celtlas All Rights Reserved

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