A Mother’s Moment With the Sunset

I sit alone, gazing at the setting sun.
I try to hold on to this moment forever.
Golden skies, reflect a glimpse into heaven.
My little angels, so far away, in God’s great land.
I place my hand upon my empty womb.
Part of my soul has been lost.
My tears evaporate in the hot summer night.
Hold my heart close, my angelic little ones.
Mommy’s pain is deep and neverending.
It’shard to say, “Life goes on.”
Little hands so far away.
Invisible cries, silence of my time alone.
Let your spirits shimmer in every sunset to come.
One day my weak being will follow heaven’s path.
We can rejoice, and hold each other tight.
For now, wait patiently, and feel no pain.
Goodnight sun, Goodnight my lost little one.

(c) Johanna M. Bailey All Rights Reserved

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