A Gift From Above

A tiny bundle of joy will rest in your arms one day,
The first moment when you hear his cry, when you gently wipe his tears from his eyes,
Which gaze at you with trust and love. “So tiny and perfect,” you think as you
Breathlessly take in the first precious sight of your newborn son. As your heart
Overflows with surpassing love, you cradle him close to you, knowing your life is now
Made complete. Endless first moments fill your days, bringing new meaning as you
Grow ever so closer to your little one. The first smile, first coo, first laugh, first
“I wuv you” sweeten each passing moment you share. The first bath, first “squirt in the face,”
first “ma ma,” will all be bittersweet memories etched in the place in your heart
That forever belongs to only him. And you will bring many firsts to his life –
Imagine his gasp as he holds a puppy for the first time, or his laughter as you play that
First game of peek-a-boo, the first time he sees grass and sky and birds that fly, when
He proudly makes his first mud pie, the first step that he takes, the first crayola picture
He makes, the first candle he blows out on his birthday cake. And soon your days
Will be filled with soccer and T-ball, and seeing your baby grow up little by little,
Helping him discover who he someday wants to be, and you diligently helping him to
Achieve all of his dreams. By his side always, you’ll be his best friend and comforter,
Because you nurtured him from that unforgettable first moment. And before you know
It, it will be Graduation Day, and deep inside you’ll hear yourself say,
“Where did all the time go? It all flew by so fast.
I wish I could go back and relive the days of the past.”
And you do, each time that you close your eyes, letting thoughts roll back to
Sweet yesteryears, and all the first moments together you shared. For they are hidden
Within the depths of your heart, forever kept safe through the path of time. For a child
Is ever so precious and dear, truly a gift from above, and countless joys await you and
Your little one. Make every memory a picture in your mind, and always be giving of
Yourself and your time, a shoulder to lean on when days seem long, an outstretched
Hand to always hold on, singing soft lullabies in the wee hours of the night, and
Chasing away “monsters” from under his bed every night. Truly a treasure your new
Life together will always be, beginning from that first moment when the two of you
Will meet, And the best gift of all you’ll give to your baby from above,

The precious, timeless gift of a mother’s love.
(c) Holli White All Rights Reserved

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