A boy or a man

I sit here and I reminisce
About the way we used to be
When we’d kick back a talk about
The future we would see
Plans of a family and a happy little home
Hoping we were strong enough
We would have no need to roam
Every time I turn around I see another mother cry
Because a promise once was made that up and left and died
There is nothing I can say or do to make you understand
Your missing these important things that make a boy a man

Years have passed and time has gone
We picked up and carried on
No looking back at those yesterdays
We found that love some how some way
You don’t seem to want to understand
He’s her father and he’s my man
He’s the one that wipes her tears
He’s the one that cradles my fear
One day when she finds her true love
She’ll decide who will be the one
To walk her down that long church aisle
To give away his precious child

(c) Laurie All Rights Reserved

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