A Birthmother’s Love

As I watch my precious Child drift off to sleep
My thoughts are with you with Love so deep

We prayed that someday a child would come
although we had no idea where she’d be from

You carried her with love beneath your heart
Knowing your lives would be lived apart

You searched for parents that could raise her right
to love her, read to her and kiss her good-night

When we first met there was such a connection
You choose us to parent with little hesitation

Delivery day came and with that a beautiful daughter
and we want her to know the Love of her Birth Mother

A part of her life we asked you to stay
so she could know you and your loving way

For if it weren’t for your Love and unselfishness
this bright little child’s life we would have missed

God blessed us beyond our wildest dream’s
a child, our family and You!!

(c) Shelia All Rights Reserved

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