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Munchkin Munchies
A compilation of articles and recipes by Kenyatta Thomas

Welcome to the Munchkin Munchies Nook. As proud as I am to have exclusively breastfed my son , providing expressed breastmilk as well – there finally came the time when he was ready to begin solid food.

For many of us, it's time to move from cereal and fruit to something more substantial for our little ones. Personally, I'm ALWAYS looking for new and creative ways to get my son to eat something other than tater tots and spaghetti & ravioli - and this isn't just about toddlers .

I know MANY of you are moving from breastmilk and/or formula to introducing the first foods cereal, fruit and vegetables - and this forum is for you too. It is hard to come up with creative things to feed our young ones, especially when their individual palettes are changing everyday.

So, whether your little munchkins are eating cereal, commercial toddler foods or homemade – I will try and cover the basics as well as daily menus and fun things too.

Please keep in mind - NONE OF US ARE NUTRITIONISTS, DOCTORS, or any other type of health care professional, and NOTHING that is posted in this Nook, is to replace any instruction that your pediatrician or health care professional has instructed.


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