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Words from the Nanny


Ahhh, Back to School
"Back to school has a whole new ring to it when you're a nanny. After three months of thinking of what to do today and answering that very same question when asked, back to school brings thoughts of pure joy. "

Have Nanny, Will Travel
"TI'm not sure whose idea it was. I suppose it seemed like a good one at the time. But looking back, that is exactly what it should have remained. An idea. Like the trip to Maui. Or the trip to Arizona. Or the trip to Ottawa. Nice to talk about, better as an idea. While vacationing with your nanny can certainly have it's pro's, it in turn most definitely has it's con's."

The Power Rangers Are Attacking!!
"The war has begun. They surround me with their super-mega-ultra guns and their double fire crossbows and their magic power swords and shouts of death and destruction. The Power Rangers have swooped down to earth and stolen away my precious, innocent, fun to play with Georgie. I'll never forgive them. In my head I wonder if I mean the toy companies or the parents. Hmph. In this case I suppose its either or."

Summertime, and the Livin' is Easy!
"Summertime; a recognized-sure-fire-can't-miss cure for cabin fever. Take once daily, good for all ages."

Spring Break; It's Not Just Stressful for Parents!
Tips on how to keep your sanity while having to entertain children of different ages and abilities over spring break.

C is For Co-Operation: Potty Training the Hard Way
Tips from the nanny on how to make potty training doable when there is more than one primary care giver.

So Hard to Say Goodbye
Helpful tips from The Nanny about how to make leaving your child, when you have to go to work, easier for all involved.

On Becoming Mary Poppins...
"...I am 24 years old. I have had 8 kids in 4 years, the oldest being 6. I haven't given birth a single time. I am a nanny." ...

To Be or Not To Be:
Where to Draw the Lines on Being Friends with your Nanny
This month Charlotte talks about friendship in the workplace and whether or not it is a good idea.
The Hire-able Nanny - Qualities You Should Find in Your Care Giver
"...There are many qualities that parents desire in a nanny. Some are personal, such as proximity to a certain school, and some are universal, such as cleanliness. " ...
Merry Christmas Mary Poppins!
An article about Charlotte's thoughts about the nanny/employer gift giving dilemma during the holiday season.

Charlotte Macchia has been a full time nanny for nearly 5 years who has been taking care of little George since he was one month old. She has been married to Patrick (Pasquale) Macchia since August, 1997 and is looking forward to having kids of her own. She has recently been published in Equinox magazine and is looking forward to a career in writing which will allow her family time also. She was born in London, England and now lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the prairies of Canada, but seeing as her loves include hiking, climbing and skiing, hopes to move west soon!

Patrick, George, and Charlotte

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