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Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction
(Selective Reduction)

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Selective Reduction
A short question and answer page.
Selective Reduction: A Painful Choice
An article about the difficult choice of selective reduction. Article includes several stories of families who were faced with this decision.
Multipetal Pregnacy Reduction – First or Second Trimester
A research paper with documentation to other research papers.
Patient Education: Fetal Reduction
This fact sheet is from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). It discusses the risks in both higher order multiple pregnancies and the resulting pregnancy following the Selective Reduction procedure.
Pregnancy Outcome After Multifetal Reduction to Twins Compared With Spontaneously Conceived Twins
A journal abstract that details a clinical study conducted between 40 reduced pregnancies and 30 spontaneous pregnancies.
Multiple pregnancies and fetal reduction
A review of three studies related to selective reduction.


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