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Pregnancy Loss and Psychological Issues

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Pregnancy Loss Psychological Reactions
An article written by a doctor, detailing the tasks necessary for resolution of grief. Also describes the difference between normal grief and full depression.
A Father's Grief / A Mother's Grief: Maintaining Communication and Respect
Men and women grieve differently - this article elaborates on this theory and offers steps each partner can take to strengthen their level of communication after a loss.
Responding to Insensitive Remarks
While it has taken some heat for representing anger and negativity, this page shares some thought provoking responses to those insensitive, and often cruel comments.
Psychological Problems After Miscarriage are More Common Than Once Thought
Acknowledgement that mourning is common. Lists some indications when a referral to a counselor or psychiatrist is necessary.
Early Grief Suggestions
A list of tips and suggestions to make the early stages of shock and grief more bearable.


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