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Grief and Marriage
Explains that the idea of tragedy binding couples together is a myth. Focuses on bringing two separate, grieving individuals together to work through the pain.
Marriage Survival After Losing a Baby
An article from the Bereaved Moms website, offering suggestions for smoothing out crisis situations and detailing dangerous attitudes and actions between partners.
The Waterfall
Published in one of the Hannah's Prayer newsletters. It shows the importance of grieving together in the loss of a child.
A Father's Grief/ A Mother's Grief: Maintaining Communication and Respect
Details how men and women tend to grieve differently and steps they can take to strengthen their level of communication.
The Grieving Couple
Explains that the loss of a baby confronts a couple with a choice; an opportunity to grow closer or distance apart from each other. Also identifies the feelings commonly experienced.
The Bereaved Couple
Describes the forces that act on a marriage after a SIDS death.


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